Whitehaven Vet Center in Davenport, Iowa

Your pet’s health is our number one priority.  Our staff is conscientious, compassionate, and trained to provide top quality medicine tailored to meet your pet’s individual health needs.  Consistent appointment follow-ups, annual vaccine reminders, and two-way communication with our clients ensures that we provide for your pets’ continued wellness.

We are here to service the cities of Davenport, IA, Bettendorf, IA, Moline, IL, Eldridge, IA, Le Claire, IA, Rock Island, IL, Milan, IL, East Moline, IL, Long Grove, IA, Blue Grass, IA and more!

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★★★★★ Very professional and helpful. Compassionate to animals and pet parents.chris S.chris S. ★★★★★ They took such great care of my bearded dragon and treated me with dignity. It's a great place to take your exotic pet for medical care. I have always heard of exotic veterinarians being so expensive but they were very reasonable. I am looking forward to taking my dogs there for their vetting because they aren't judgemental, not that they have reason to be. The entire staff is so friendly and you feel comfortable right from the start. I highly recommend them! (This isn't the best pic of Aspen, since she's just getting better, but we're all doing our best!)Mary RMary R ★★★★★ Whitehaven is such a wonderful place to bring our dog babies. They are always so thoughtful & remember our doggo history regardless of their volume. Would recommend to anyone looking for veterinary care - so thankful for them in our community.Jamia M.Jamia M. ★★★★★ I have been using this veterinarian clinic for 2 years after trying others, and this clinic is hands down the best for so many reasons. They are professional, compassionate, prompt, fair priced, and go above and beyond in treating their clients and pets with the utmost respect. Dr Mulch is phenomenal at what he does and all his staff appears to love what they do treating your pet as if it was their own. Places like this with caring, friendly staff are very hard to find these days. My pet and I are so glad we found them!Rodney H.Rodney H. ★★★★★ Our lab was injured by another dog and needed staples. It wasn’t a life or death emergency but we definitely needed to be seen same day. I called the office and Taylor got me in and calmed me down and reassured they would get him taken care of same day. We didn’t even have to wait for our appointment and we were in and out within an hour and the bill was fair as well. They were so amazing with my baby and took care of him so well. Thank you Dr. Haggerty and her tech! We also love our primary Dr. Snyder. She is so sweet and honest and I can trust her 100%. Plus my boys love her!Mikayla M.Mikayla M. ★★★★★ The people at Whitehaven are so polite and are there to help you with all your needs and concerns. They love our fur babies as much as we do and treat them as their own. Thank you Whitehaven. See you next timedennis R.dennis R. ★★★★★ Dr. Smith, Zina and the entire staff at Whitehaven have always been so knowledgeable and compassionate. My last furbaby had a lot of food and seasonal allergies and they worked quickly to give me all my options and were able to find an affordable treatment plan. I highly recommended bringing your animal here for top notch care!Kris T.Kris T. ★★★★★ Nobody compares. The staff and the Doctors are amazing. Doc Smith could not be a better person. He loves his job and it shows on how he interacts with us, but more importantly, our dogs. The staff is fun, kind and accommodating and they make it a pleasure to go to the vet. Thank you Whitehaven.Jeff K.Jeff K. ★★★★★ The staff was very nice. Very clean rooms. Affordable.Roxanne C.Roxanne C. ★★★★★ They take wonderful care of our dog and cat. Our dog has some chronic issues that they have carefully listened about and offered effective solutions. They clearly care for the animals and are very friendly. Would absolutely recommend bringing your pets here.Andy C.Andy C. ★★★★★ All the staff is so compassionate and knowledgeable. They are excited to see my "kids" each time I bring them in. They don't treat them like "property".Nancy N.Nancy N. ★★★★★ They have always been very good with my pet and attentive to any concerns I've ever had. Have been going there for years.TierraTierra ★★★★★ AWESOME STAFF!!I have multiple (& I do mean multiple!) animals and feel the vets are friendly, competent, and open for questions or comments. Every experience I’ve had at Whitehaven has been a positive one. I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone, including people with exotic animals.julie M.julie M. ★★★★★ I've been taking my dogs there for years. Great veterinarian! And great doctors!Roxanne G.Roxanne G. ★★★★★ From the minute we walked into Whitehaven, we were treated with kindness and respect. The employees and doctors are knowledgeable and passionate about pet care. We can't say enough great things about Zina! She is the reason we chose Whitehaven for our lab puppy.Penny G.Penny G. ★★★★★ One of my puppies is 15 years old. She is well cared for at Whitehaven and their concerns is for her quality of life is and wellbeing. Love ya guys.Nicholas S.Nicholas S. ★★★★★ Extremely kind and caring staff. We got in the same day and surgery was scheduled the following day. They took great care of our kitten.Lynette M.Lynette M. ★★★★★ The only vet clinic I'd ever useLaura W.Laura W. ★★★★★ Dr. Case and the whole team at Whitehaven were so incredible with us and our kitties! We brought our cats in after a bat got into our house and one of the cats had it in his mouth. They got us in quickly for rabies boosters and squeezed in our cats’ annuals! They managed to ease our minds and directed us to the Hygienic Lab in Iowa City (for the bat) to totally rule out the risk of rabies. The entire team at Whitehaven, from front desk staff to the technicians to the veterinarian were kind and went out of their way to help us and our kitties. I am forever grateful, and have found our family a forever vet!Corin S.Corin S. ★★★★★ Awesome Vet clinic!Betsy V.Betsy V. ★★★★★ Absolutely love and appreciate the wonderful & knowledgeable staff at Whitehaven. They are gentle, caring and kind and treat your pets like they’re their own! They take their time to explain everything to you as well.Amy B.Amy B. ★★★★★ Very friendly staff. Very sweet with our pups.Missie V.Missie V. ★★★★★ Love the staff they are greatAmanda L.Amanda L. ★★★★★ I love Dr Mulch and his staff. They are very caring and open to alternative treatments that other vets wouldn't do.Lisa H.Lisa H. ★★★★★ Whitehaven has been taking care of our pets for years. Dr. Mulch and his staff always provide ample warmth and compassion for my fur babies. It's reassuring to me to know they receive the best care.Lindsey T.Lindsey T. ★★★★★ They are really polite and friendly and friendly people they care alot for the animals and there human how recommend them to anybody they are awesomeDessera H.Dessera H. ★★★★★ Whitehaven has been our vet for decades. We adore the caring, friendly, hard-working staff. They are consistently on point, be it through customer service issues, helping us navigate tough times, and just being a great place for routine care! Having Dr. Mulch be our dogs' primary vet has an added bonus of being able to get them chiropractic care when needed, which contributes to their happiness and well being!Sarah P.Sarah P. ★★★★★ One of my fur babies was really sick and I knew that taking him to his original veterinarian was out of the question because he always said "nothing was wrong". We as fur parents know our fur babies! I asked a friend and she recommended Whitehaven so at 6:45 a.m I was in the parking lot waiting for someone to arrive. I explained to the first employee that showed up the situation, and there was no hesitation when it came to helping us. Whitehaven genuinely cares and it shows! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Whitehaven!Teresa C.Teresa C. ★★★★★ Very caring and understanding. Always treats our poodle as family.Tawny M.Tawny M. ★★★★★ We are very grateful to the staff at Whitehaven for their expert care of Chewy. We appreciate when we have an emergency they know what to do and they are ready to help.Jackie R.Jackie R. ★★★★★ Great staff! Reasonably priced! My cat does well there!Shannon L.Shannon L. ★★★★★ Four months ago another vet told us that our dog had cancer and a tumor. She didn’t offer any help, just saying he would die within that week. We were devastated, but wouldn’t give up on him. We took him to see Dr Snyder. She faxed over all of his records and test results and explained everything to us. She told us different plans she’d do to help our little guy. She did her own test, then consulted with Iowa City about him, and now he is on medication to help him. We are so thankful for her, she is absolutely amazing.!!!!!Nana W.Nana W. ★★★★★ Friendly and knowledgeable staff! They do a great job making your pet feel safe and welcome! Highly recommend!Anthony M.Anthony M. ★★★★★ Amazing staff! Clean facility! Honest and upfront pricing!! I could tell my pet was in really great hands and being well taken care of!!Hannah La V.Hannah La V. ★★★★★ All of the staff are friendly and very helpful. Dr. Smith has always been thorough and caring, and most importantly, Annie loves him. We highly recommend Whitehaven.PatPat ★★★★★ Love the staff here. They are friendly and caring. I’m confident my pups get the best possible care.Wendy R.Wendy R. ★★★★★ Always great pet care!!!Jennifer B.Jennifer B. ★★★★★ It's obvious how much they love animals! Our dog isn't afraid to go; that says a lot! We highly recommend Whitehaven Vet Center!!Julie A.Julie A. ★★★★★ There great that's it that's alllarry B.larry B. ★★★★★ Polite, professional, timely, courteous, respectful, considerate, talking on a relatable level with owners, always doing your very best to accommodate scheduling, constant smiles, you don't hurry a grieving family and do your best to provide compassion for the situation. My favorite though is that you ALL exude a passion for what you. THANK YOU!!!!!Megan R.Megan R. ★★★★★ The staff is amazing! They took their time making sure that my dog felt comfortable before doing his exam and giving his shots! I would recommend their office to anyone that has a pet!Holly B.Holly B. ★★★★★ I have been going to Whitehaven for quite a while. All the providers are very thorough and show concern about your pets. I appreciate all them and the way they make me feel like family. I will always take my pets thereMary R.Mary R. ★★★★★ Dr. Mulch is the only vet that I know of that does chiropractic on my German Shepherd. He relieves his back and hip pain. It makes him a happy dog. The techs that work with Dr. Mulch are very knowledgeable and helpful as well.Dawn B.Dawn B. ★★★★★ Great vet and great knowledgeAndy L.Andy L. ★★★★★ Great peopleBrad M.Brad M. ★★★★★ Just moved here and hadn't found a vet yet. Our cat got sick and we were able to get an appointment quickly, the staff and Vet were all very helpful and friendly. Glad we found them.Curtis S.Curtis S. ★★★★★ I think this place is great and the people to the animals are very luck hereNiyokie W.Niyokie W. ★★★★★ They are wonderful !! Our pet, Libby, was afraid of the Vet's building. We have been bringing her for "fun visits" where everyone greets her, praises her, and gives her treats. This has made our trips to the Vet's building a fun place to go...just like PetSmart.Dawn Anderson R.Dawn Anderson R. ★★★★★ Excellent care for my friends little ShelbyTod S.Tod S. ★★★★★ Awesome sevice, great people!Karla B.Karla B. ★★★★★ Very caring! I had an issue with my own vet refusing to see me for an emergency and even though Whitehaven was not my vet they got us in right away. They treated my big boy with respect and dignity in his final moments and were heartbroken along with us when he passed right upon arrival even though they just met him. The doctors spend a lot of time with the animals and are very thorough. All of the staff we have worked with have been so thoughtful. I never felt like we were rushed or pushed through. The only con is that they are a little pricier than other clinics but I learned my lesson going somewhere a little cheaper and then not being prioritized when it mattered the most.Bridgette M.Bridgette M. ★★★★★ I recently had a scare with Chloe! One day she was a healthy 13 yr old hava-tzu & the next day, literally, she was at death's door! She's my life! After a few visits to Dr Mulch (& Deb!) we came to the probable conclusion that her heartworm pill "poisoned" her! She's been on this same one for years but she had an extremely bad reaction this time!(Mouth sores, vomiting, lethargy, a blood clot behind her eye making it bulge out!) She was a mess! After 2 days of steroids, my Chloe is back! Praise God.I appreciate the knowledge of Dr Mulch! And the care Chloe gets from Deb.💗😁Teresa “.Teresa “. ★★★★★ Excellent careDr. Shaeli W.Dr. Shaeli W. ★★★★★ friendly and professional staffMikeslong791Mikeslong791 ★★★★★ We have been with Whitehaven since we got our now, 7 year old boxer, when she was 6 months old. We always had great luck with the Doctors there and rotated through them for every appointment. Once Dr. Snyder came to Whitehaven she has always been our doctor for each visit, concern, and appointment. We are so lucky to have her and highly recommend Whitehaven because of her and all the other great doctors!Kathryn V.Kathryn V. ★★★★★ They are amazing!Meaghan T.Meaghan T. ★★★★★ They are great and wonderful to us and our babies.Brooke E.Brooke E. ★★★★★ The Vet we had was awesome, the whole staff was really nice including the lady that helped the vetCurt S.Curt S. ★★★★★ The staff was very friendly.Tonya W.Tonya W. ★★★★★ We had a much better experience here than at another nearby vet office. Very fast and professional, as well as the tech was very friendly and my dog loved her! The vet was very reassuring about some lumps my dog had, as well as noticed an ear infection I hadn't noticed before. My dog didn't even notice his shot whilst being distracted by some cheese (lol). It was a lot cheaper than I was expecting too, two vaccines and three medications, barely over $100. 10/10 would recommend and looking forward to future visits!Brooke T.Brooke T. ★★★★★ Compassionate and professional. Currently trying the chiropractor for my dog and it seems to be effective! All staff have been very nice. I have been taking my dog here for about 3 years.Kim C.Kim C. ★★★★★ I went here a wreck, as I thought something was really wrong with my cat. Not only did they make me feel ok for being upset, but when they found the problem, I was so relieved it was nothing serious! An x-ray was done as precaution to make sure, but all was good. They showed great care when handling my cat, and that meant a lot to me.Tracy LTracy L ★★★★★ All I can say is wow. This place is amazing. Not only do they get you in same day, but everyone there is so nice and knowledgeable. I’m impressed!! Thank you for being so kind ❤️Nicole H.Nicole H. ★★★★★ I cannot say enough good things about this place! They provided excellent urgent care for my chinchilla and were extremely kind and helpful. I am so thankful for their team!Sarah M.Sarah M. ★★★★★ Took Rhubarb for an appointment to establish a vet. Highly recommend: they didn't try to upsell the cat food I was already feeding her, didn't try to sell products she doesn't need as an indoor cat, told me price of blood test ahead of time, had me bring in a fecal sample for testing, very gentle with her, shaved a spot so tech could really see her vein and not guess the spot for vaccines, very caring. I believe I've found "her" veterinarian!Ann R.Ann R. ★★★★★ Also so kind with my big baby EnzoMs. K.Ms. K. ★★★★★ Caring and knowledgeable staff!terri K.terri K. ★★★★★ My golden retriever loves going to see dr.smith they’re always welcoming and energetic. Highly recommendBrandon R.Brandon R. ★★★★★ Great place and great people! They’ve made all of us feel very welcome. It’s always clear and concise when they walk us through what they’ve done and what the recommend for treatment. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a good clinic.Derrick P.Derrick P. ★★★★★ Caring and friendly staffJackie S.Jackie S. ★★★★★ A loving place, filled with knowledgeable, caring people. Won't take our fur babies anywhere elseTheresa R.Theresa R. ★★★★★ I have not one complaint ever. They treat my JackiChan with such kindness. Will keep going back again and again.Victoria Z.Victoria Z. ★★★★★ These people are saints ! They helped us through the hard time of saying good bye to my best friend ,and will continue to be our vet from here out !! And are very reasonable on pricing .still taken care of our pets! Bruno, our lab mix was seen today for an abcest on his right elbow. Got some antibiotics, some pain relief, and wound care should be good in a couple of weeks!Dana P.Dana P. ★★★★★ Super friendly staff and adorable pups to help them!Lyza C.Lyza C. ★★★★★ Everyone was nice except the receptionist. She must have been having a rough 😬 day.Bernard T.Bernard T. ★★★★★ Very caring place to take your pets. Been going here for years. They will work you in with emergenciesDarlene S.Darlene S. ★★★★★ Amazing. First trip there was a sad one, had to put my dog down. The staff were very nice and helpful. Even received a card in the mail from them.Andrew F.Andrew F. ★★★★☆ There are a lot of staff and some are outstanding. They accommodated my emergency for two consecutive days and helped me figure out how to keep my dog alive. I wish that a follow-up call had come. Instead, I called and talked to Deb, who is the best vet tech.Alice K.Alice K. ★★★★☆ Positive friendly and reasonably priced veterinary clinic. They treated my puppy doodle with kindness and joy, even though she was being a “puppy”. The Tech gave me advice that was helpful and needed. Thank you WhiteHaven!Jan F.Jan F. ★★★★☆ Friendly knowledgeable staff.MaryJo DMaryJo Djs_loader

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Our in-house lab is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment which allows us to do the majority of our blood work and other diagnostics on-site.  This means same-day test results for most of our lab work!  In addition to standard wellness care and vaccinations, we also offer animal chiropractic and numerous holistic treatment options when applicable

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My dog and I had a great experience last week. Everyone was extremely nice and loved my dog. When I called to say I was there, I let them know that my dog doesn’t like people approaching the car. They were very understanding and let me walk him to the door so that he had a nice experience. Thank you for creating a welcoming environment for our furry friends.

Natalie J.

My dog Turbo is always treated with the love and respect from the staff and doctors at Whitehaven, that I give him at home. He comes in to the clinic with no hesitation, and the staff greets him like he is their own. He’s had many problems that Dalmations(mainly white dogs) can get, and the staff and doctors have recognized them, and treated him appropriately. In addition, I have noticed their hearts are into the treatment, as well as their heads. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable, but they really do care. Also, Turbo has to be on an expensive medication called Apoquel, but Whitehaven does not charge me the going rate that you might see from other vets, or on the internet. They also recommend products to keep him healthy, but they do not pressure me to buy those products from them. I have been pleased with Whitehaven, and recommend you think about trying them if you need veterinarians that care.

Maury B.

Great group of professionals who are dedicated to their passion of helping animals. Quick to help us in our time of need, our dog was swelling and bleeding and within minutes of arriving they were able to get that under control. All while not being an emergency clinic. +10 I’d go higher if I could. We’ll most certainly be a repeat customer! Thanks!

John D.

My Husky has to have emergency surgery and not only was the entire staff extremely kind, helpful they genuinely cared about him and his recovery. The care did not stop after they released him to me they called everyday for a week to check on his progress and answer any questions I had that came up. I was truly grateful to them!

Teri M.

The staff and doctors at Whitehaven Vet Center are absolutely fabulous. They are very personable and friendly. Our dog Benelli gives them a thumbs up or should I say paws up.

Mollie G.

Can’t say enough good things about Dr. Mulch and the staff! The attitude top down is that you and your pet are the number one concern and they take the time to greet your pet and welcome you into the facility. The building and grounds are always clean. A very welcoming environment where you feel secure in the care received.

Mary R.