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Maury B.

My dog Turbo is always treated with the love and respect from the staff and doctors at Whitehaven, that I give him at home. He comes in to the clinic with no hesitation, and the staff greets him like he is their own. He’s had many problems that Dalmations(mainly white dogs) can get, and the staff and doctors have recognized them, and treated him appropriately. In addition, I have noticed their hearts are into the treatment, as well as their heads. Not only are they extremely¬†knowledgeable, but they really do care. Also, Turbo has to be on an expensive medication called Apoquel, but Whitehaven does not charge me the going rate that you might see from other vets, or on the internet. They also recommend products to keep him healthy, but they do not pressure me to buy those products from them. I have been pleased with Whitehaven, and recommend you think about trying them if you need veterinarians that care.