• Many people think that having their pet microchipped will be an expensive undertaking.  The truth is, it's a one-time cost that could ensure your pet's safe return someday.  And it's not that expensive!  At Whitehaven, the cost of implantation includes the microchip registration fee, and there are no additional fees required annually.

  • Some pet owners believe that implanting a microchip is a full surgical procedure, but actually, it's as simple as administering an injection and can be done during a regular office visit.  No anesthesia required!

  • Lots of people believe that they will never need a microchip. While we all certainly hope that will be the case, it's best to be prepared for any emergency. If your pet should ever stray from home and is found by your local humane society, the first thing they will do is scan for a microchip.  One simple decision can mean the difference between a happy reunion and a lengthy separation. As Cesar Millan said, when it comes to microchips, "you'll never regret doing it, but if your pet gets lost, you'll always regret that you didn't."

For more information, or to access an existing pet profile, click the link below.

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One in three pets will get lost during their lifetime.  90% of pets without identification never return home.  Have your pet microchipped to ensure that they have a way back to you.

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